The story behind Luang Phu Mahn Locket

Luang Phu Mahn Locket by LuangPhor Thamrong, Wat Duang Khae 2559

Back in early 2015, I had a long nice conversation with LP Thamrong like I always do when he comes to town. During the conversation, he mentioned that while reading the stars the signs he got was that there will be a war coming in 2016. It will be a big war where many countries will be involved, much like the 2 world war that we had before. As such, he is determined to create a batch of amulets where he will channel all his energy into it so that the wearer will be protected from harm. The amulets will contain many holy materials and relics from many top masters from the past. Each amulets will be individually hand moulded by himself and strongly blessed so that it will contain the most holy energy. Hence, the birth of Luang Phu Mahn Locket.

Back then, when LP Thamrong mentioned about world war, I was still quite sceptical just like most other layman. Fast forward to today and taking stock of what has happened around the world, we see:

  • The financial world is in turmoil due to economic downturn
  • A possible financial war is coming due to Brexit
  • There is widespread proliferation of online war with all the hackers creating havoc in the online world
  • ISIS has brought the war on terrorism to the doorsteps of many countries with all the numerous bombings around the world
  • The Prime Minister of Japan has pushed for militarization which have a potential to create conflict in the APAC region
  • With the impending US Presidential Election coming in November, who knows what other havoc it may wreck after the results is out.


All of a sudden, LP Thamrong seems to be so accurate in his prediction. I think I will definitely want to heed his advice. I do not know what other wars or dangers life have install for me ahead. But owning and wearing a Luang Phu Mahn Locket that is strongly blessed by LP Thamrong is definitely a good idea and can do no wrong.


By a faithful devotee