NANO Coating Technology


The first of its kind in Singapore or in the amulet industry, SA-TI Amulets provides solution in protecting your amulet casings using state-of-the art NANO coating technology.

A coating of 8 - 10 micrometers thickness application to your silver, steel, bronze or even gold casings will prevents your valued amulet from damages.

It comprises of the following protection properties :

  1. Water-resistance (This method is based on a special NANO coating technology that prevents water damage)
  2. Anti-corrosion. Prevents oxidation on Long Ya, silver, Stainless Steel, Gold & copper
  3. Anti-fingerprint (Prevents grease from sticking to the surface and allows easy removal of dirt from the casing surface)
  4. Abrasion-resistance (The process of wearing away or rubbing down by means of friction between body and clothing)
  5. Anti-graffiti (Prevents paint from bonding to the casing surface)
  6. Eco-friendly



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