Pra Kring Pawares Roon 2


Pra Kring Pawares Roon 2
Wat Bowon, BE 2530
Nur Nawa (high gold content) (with original temple box)

In BE 2530, in order to commemorate Thai King Bhumipol Rama 9 60th birthday, Wat Bowon decided to make a special batch of Pra Kring – Phra Kring Pawares Roon 2. The temple decided to take the original Phra Kring Pawares at the museum of Wat Bowon as a copy. A total of 25,000 sets of Pra Kring and Pra Chaiwat were made.

As this Pra Kring was made for a very special occasion, the preparation began in 2529 and ended in 2530. Lots of unusual and special materials were used. They include gold and metal remaining from the making of Pra Kring from:
1. Wat Bowon
2. Wat MonkolBophit of Ayutthaya
3. Wat Suthat
4. Late Luang Pu Toh of Wat Pradoo Chimplee
5. Pra Kring Dhamasart
6. Pra Phor Por Ror
7. 108 pieces of gold plate yant written and consecrated by famous monks throughout Thailand
8. 5 kg of gold
9. Sacred material from the making of Somdej Chitlada

The hair of King Rama 9 was individually inserted inside each Pra Kring.

To make it more prestigious, the old and tradition wax lost method was used to make the Pra Kring. As such more than 50% ended up in bad condition. They are either pitted, dented, out of proportion or partially damaged. Good and nice specimens are very rare.

3 separated major consecration ceremony were conducted. The first ceremony was presided by Princes Pra Thep in Wat Bowon. The second one was conducted by Somdej Phra Yansanwon in Wat Bowon. The final one is presided by King Rama 9 himself at Wat Phra Kaew.

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