Pra Kring Chinabanchorn Taksin, Phor Gae Jao Saeng


Pra Kring Chinabanchorn Taksin
Phor Gae Jao Saeng, Wat Baan Trang, Pattani, BE 2558
Nur Ngern

Pra Kring Chinabanchorn Taksin by Phor Gae Jao Saeng. This batch of kring was consecrated by

  1. Phor Gae Jao Saeng, Wat Baan Trang
  2. Phor Taan Kiow, Wat Huey Ngow
  3. Phor Taan Prohm, Wat Palanupaab

A total of 99 pieces were made for this material.

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